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True Story about Woman War Chief

Read the captivating true story of a female Native American leader and warrior called Woman Chief.

Experience Native American life with the Crow woman who bravely lived and fought in Western America during the 1800s.

A great hunter, a fearless warrior and a devoted friend, Woman Chief hunted buffalo, fought enemies and stole horses -- all for the good of her tribe. A quick learner and clever businesswoman, she not only participated in tribal councils, but traded furs and other goods with American, English and French trappers.  

Rich in both details and drama, this true story of Woman War Chief transports the reader back into the early 1800s, living among the River Crow.  You'll learn how a precocious female captive struggled to become a warrior instead of a lodge woman, who succeeded in becoming a leader among the same people who took her captive!

Quality research and engaging story telling, along with maps, glossary and index, make this story of Woman Chief both entertaining and informative.


  Woman War Chief, American Indian, Crow warrior
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