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Jerry A Matney spent over a decade researching the life of Woman Chief, including interviewing members of the Crow tribe in Wyoming. He was born and raised on a farm in Wise County, Texas. His paternal great-grandmother, Sara Jane Stillwell Matney, was a proud Cherokee Indian from Haywood County, North Carolina. In Orange County, California, Jerry served thirty-four years as an educator, principal and rehabilitator of juvenile felons. He was elected to the Fountain Valley School Board and to the Huntington Beach City Council. In the 70s, he served a term as Mayor of Huntington Beach, California.

Woman War Chief was Jerry's first historical novel. A few years later he published Five Scalps, a historical novel about a black mountain man who lived with the Crow and who knew Woman War Chief. Jerry's third book, The Sandy Creek Boys, is a memoir about his experiences growing up in northern Texas. After Jerry retired, he and his wife Nedra moved to Surprise, Arizona, where Jerry is writing two more historical novels.

To order an autographed copy of any of Jerry's books, you can contact him at jalvusmatney@aol.com or you can visit his publishing website at http://www.alvusIIpublishing.com. A new edition of Woman War Chief is now available as an eBook from Smashwords.com and from Amazon.com.

D A Gordon is a technical & creative writer, copy editor, ghost writer, and teacher. She has lived and taught among the Ute, Navajo and Hopi tribes in Utah and Arizona. She is also a published author whose stories have won awards with the League of Utah Writers.

Ms Gordon met Jerry in Orange County in the 1990s when she started working with him on Woman War Chief. After she helped him finish Woman War Chief and Five Scalps, she built websites for the books. In 2011 she helped him publish The Sandy Creek Boys. In 2012 she created and posted eBooks for all of Jerry's books.

Ms Gordon now splits her time between editing and writing both fiction and non-fiction. Born and raised in northern Utah, she currently lives in southeastern Utah. You can contact her at ann@gordoncomputer.com.

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