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Edward Rose was a larger-than-life American frontiersman who was born in the late 1700s. This early American adventurer - part African American, part Cherokee and part White - was often called "Five Scalps" by the Crow. Rose is mentioned several times in the book Woman War Chief.  Before Pine Leaf began living with the Crow, the tribe had already adopted Rose and revered him as a good hunter and warrior. You can learn more about the book on the website: http://www.FiveScalps.com.

Five ScalpsThe adventure-filled lives of Woman Chief and Five Scalps overlapped for awhile. In fact, after her capture, Five Scalps mentored Pine Leaf.  These legendary warriors and leaders lived, hunted and fought while living with the Sparrow Hawk (River Crow) tribe, even though neither of them was actually Crow by birth. Eventually Rose left the Crow to work full-time for expedition companies as a hunter, interpreter and guide.

The people he worked with called him Rose. According to a lieutenant who worked with Edward Rose on the Missouri River Expedition, Rose had several deep scars on his face.  Perhaps the most noticeable scar involved the loss of part of his nose.  Rose obtained most of his scars while fighting. This same lieutenant described Rose as strong, athletic and fearless, a man who demonstrated untiring perseverance. Edward Rose trapped and hunted alongside Jim Bridger and other well-known mountain men.

Five Scalps, Jerry's second historical novel, focuses on Edward Rose's exploits and adventures from the time he left Kentucky until his death on the frozen Missouri River. You can purchase a signed copy of Five Scalps from Jerry. You can also order a copy of the eBook from Smashwords.com.


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